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2016 thursday marblehead

Regatta 1 - Thursday 21st January

The 2016 Marblehead Thursday series Regatta 1 did not take place.

Regatta 2 - Thursday 18th February

Today was the 2nd round of the Marblehead Thursday series.  A small select bunch arrived at the waterside for a descent mornings racing in a moderate westerly breeze. Top rigs were order of the day. 8 races were sailed with Vinnie Zammit winning the morning.

It would be great to get a few more Marblehead’s out for the next one(17th March) and also don’t forget the Saturday series(next one on the 5th March).

Regatta 3 - Thursday 17th March

6 sailors turned out for today’s Marblehead racing in glorious sunshine and a 10 knot breeze from the east to give perfect conditions for top rigs.

Rob Owen and Tony Garner took control of the mornings proceedings and set a triangle course with 2 laps.

We had close racing throughout the fleet with Alan Bright, Harry Ellis and Trevor Hobday all in the mix for 3rd position throughout the morning with Trevor being the more consistent and taking the spot.

Brian had electric issues as we all watched his boat sail on its own to the far side of the lake – Thanks Rob for bring it back!

Vinnie Zammit took early control at the front of the fleet taking the first 2 races from Duncan Ellis but Duncan coming back in races 3 & 4 to take victory to make it all even before the coffee break.

The man in the pink boots took control again with 2 more wins with Duncan winning race 7 with both doing various turns for hitting marks to make it all down to the last race!

Vinnie lead the final race but Duncan was on his tail and it went down to the last few metres to the finish when Vinnie took the victory and the mornings racing.

A really good mornings sail in the sunshine – what’s not to like!

Regatta 4 - Thursday 21st April

The sun was shining and the breeze was blowing from the east which is probably the best wind direction we can have at Whitlingham with a total of 7 Marblehead’s rigging up in the car park ready for the mornings racing.

Unfortunately Harry Ellis had some winch trouble so never made it to the start line leaving 6 boats ready to do battle.

Vinnie Zammit set a triangle course with 2 laps and then a finish half way up the beat.

Duncan Ellis had good boat speed all morning taking the first six races with Vinnie not far behind and in the first three of the races followed by Alan Bright. Alan seemed to be gradually getting quicker as the morning progressed pipping Vinnie in Race 4 at the finish.

Vinnie was the first casualty of the morning with an electrical problem to finish his day. Alan was able to get a couple more seconds with Trevor Hobday following.

Race 7 saw Alan and Duncan have a good tussle as the breeze built with Alan just in front of Duncan at the last mark which Duncan then attached himself to and eventually retired allowing Trevor to take 2nd and Ronnie Mobbs 3rd place.

The final race saw Duncan have an electrical problem before the start and went to rescue his boat while Alan showed the fleet the way round followed by Trevor and Ronnie.

So the final results of the day saw Duncan 1st, Alan 2nd and Trevor 3rd.

The forecast was for sunshine but no wind and as the 7 competitors rigged the forecast was spot on!

But as the sailors put the boats on the water a light breeze appeared from the North West right on time for the racing which ended up perfect for the top rigs.

The course was set for the morning with 2 triangles and then a beat to the finish.

First out of the blocks in Race 1 was Harry Ellis sailing his MX Goth Crayon showing good speed but then deciding to take the scenic route rather than the quickest giving the race to Ellis Junior with his Starkers followed by Vinnie Zammit sailing a Prime Number and John Hanton with his Paradox design.

Race 2 finished with an identical top 3 to race 1 but Race 3 saw John lead the fleet round from start to finish with Duncan in 2nd and Vinnie in 3rd.

The final race before coffee saw Duncan take the win followed by Vinnie and John.

After coffee racing resumed and Duncan took the next 2 races with Vinnie John and Alan Bright taking the runner up spots.

Race 7 saw Vinnie take the win followed by Duncan and John.

Race 8 saw the breeze eventually drop completely as per the original forecast. Vinnie got away with John but with the wind coming from all directions became a bit of an exciting lottery with Duncan getting water on Vinnie at the final Mark to then hit it and get caught up on it. Vinnie took the win followed by Alan and John.

Luckily the forecast was wrong for the morning and we had a great mornings racing!

Regatta 5 - Thursday 19th May

Regatta 6 - Thursday 16th June

Round 6 of the Marblehead Thursday series took place yesterday. Once again the order of the day was light SW winds and a lot of frustration.

8 boats turned up at the Broad, but unfortunately only 7 took part in the racing as Ronnie Mobbs arrived with the wrong transmitter. This probably comes from having 10 boats to choose from and 10 transmitters to match to them. I am sure Ronnie will sort it out by Saturday and be back on the start line.

Robert Owen kindly acted as RO ably assisted by Beryl Bright who set a triangular and sausage course with No 5 buoy being the windward mark.

Terry Burton sailing his new Whisper class, which he purchased from one of the country’s top sailing e-retailers, showed everyone the way home in the first 2 races. Second and third to him in the 1st race were Trevor Hobday and Harry Ellis and in the second race Brian Tipple and Alan Bright. Vinnie could be found swearing to himself as his Prime Number decided that the winch would do as it wanted.

By race 3, Vinnies’ winch had decided to try and behave itself resulting in line honours in both races 3 &4. Second to him in race 3 was Tony Garner and Alan once again 3rd. In race 4, second was Terry and third Alan.

Race 5 saw Tony Garner set off on a flyer, never to be seen again despite the efforts of Vinnie and Terry who managed a 2nd and 3rd .

Races 6 saw Vinnie out in front again, Alan was 2nd to him and Brian Tipple 3rd.

Race 7 once again saw Vinnie take line honours, with Trevor 2nd and Alan 3rd.

By this time with the wind dropping off even more, it was decided to call it a day.

Overall positions were 1st Vinnie 12 points, 2nd Alan 18 points, 3rd Terry 19 points.

Well done all who attended including the supporters who came to watch.

Regatta 7 - Thursday 18th August

Regatta 8 - Thursday 15th September

The 2016 Marblehead Thursday series Regatta 8 did not take place, due to weed.

Regatta 9 - Thursday 20th October

Regatta 10 - Thursday 17th November

Final Results