Norwich Model Yacht Club

           2016 Summer Series

Regatta 4 - Saturday 30th July

13 skippers turned upon Saturday 30th July to contest our first event since the dreaded weed stopped play some 4 weeks ago.

Initially wind conditions were abysmal with a very light SE wind and after only one race 2 skippers decided to call it a day.

After 3 races it was decided to have an early coffee break and all hoped that the wind would increase. However by this time a few more skippers decided to retire.

On returning to the lake the wind Gods had decided to be good to us, the wind increased slightly and allowed those remaining skippers to go ahead and make for a reasonable mornings sailing. In fact by the 5th race the wind had filled in and people started to enjoy themselves.

Principle winners were Vinnie Zammit with 4 races, Ian Self with 2 and Rick Buxton and newby Eric Curtis with I each.

Overall, winner was Vinnie with 9 points, 2nd was Eric and 3rd Ian. Well done to Eric and Ian on excellent results.


Due to weed issues Summer Series 1, 2 and 3 did not take place.

Regatta 5 - Saturday 13th August

Regatta 6 - Saturday 20th August

13 sailors were greeted in Whitlingham car park with strong winds from the South West. With further investigation with a walk to the race area the breeze within the course area was almost non-existent due to the trees apart from the gusts which were coming in all directions.

The majority of the fleet went for caution and put on no 2 rigs but a handful decided top rigs would do the job!

Skippers took it in turns to be race officer during the morning missing 1 race which worked like clockwork.

Racing got underway with a triangle/sausage course set with the final beat to the finish.

Race 1 saw Duncan Ellis lead the fleet round followed by Harry Ellis  in top rigs with Rob Owen taking 3rd spot with his number 2 rig.  Race 2 saw Duncan take the win followed by Vinnie Zammit in top rig  and Rick Buxton with his number 2 rig.

Race 3 was Vinnies time to shine taking the win followed by Eric Curtis and Mark Holt both using the smaller rig. 1  more race before coffee and this time Alan Bright in top rig showed the fleet round followed by Duncan and Ronnie Mobbs with the smaller rig.

After coffee Vinnie to charge and won races 5 & 6 followed by Rick and Alan in race 5 and Duncan and Ronnie in race 6. Race 7 saw Duncan take the win followed by Vinnie and Rob leaving the mornings glory all to play for in the final race between Duncan & Vinnie.  Duncan led round with Vinnie catching but Duncan was able to use the rules to his advantage taking the win while Vinnie did his 360 turn and taking 2nd with Rob again in 3rd.

To say racing was tricky with the swirling winds would be an understatement as it came in all directions keeping the sailors on their toes all morning!

It is nice to see that the standard of sailing is improving all the time especially amongst the newer sailors and that members are carrying out their penalties , when infringing rules well done!

Rig wise looking at the results top rig clinched the day.

Regatta 7 - Saturday 27th August

12 skippers rigged there boats with top suit ready for battle in the latest round of the IOM Summer Series.

The breeze was blowing from the east and the course was set as 2 rectangles and then a beat  to the finish.

Sailors took it in turns to run 1 race each for the morning so that everyone could sail.

Race 1 got underway with Duncan Ellis taking line honor’s followed by Simon Purdon and Rick Buxton.

The second race saw Ian Self out in front right until he caught a piece of weed dashing his hope of victory allowing Alan Bright to take the win followed by Simon and Robert Owen.

Mark Holt took charge of race 3 after overtaking Duncan on the second lap with Rick following in 3rd.

Race 4 and this time it was Ricks turn to lead the way again followed by Mark and Eric Curtis.

So 4 races sailed and 4 different race winners – This is what  makes IOM sailing  such a great sport!

Coffee was drunk and then it was time to head back to the water – The breeze had built and everyone took Marks advice and put on number 2 rigs.

Race 5 got underway and Eric again showed good speed leading the fleet  but allowed Duncan to eventually overhaul him to take the win with Rick coming in 3rd.

Robert Owen showed good boat speed in race 6 taking 2nd spot behind Duncan and Rick in 3rd.

So with 2 races anyone could still win between Duncan, Eric and Rick.

Race 7 again saw Eric show excellent speed after a good start but let Duncan through to take the win with Rick in 3rd.

The final race saw Duncan finish with a win closely followed by Rick in 2nd showing good upwind speed and Rob in 3rd.

So the top 3 for the morning finished Duncan, Rick and Eric.

Looking at the results it is good to see that over half the fleet made the top 3 at some stage proving the standard is rising and getting more competitive.  It also shows that regular racing with 10+ boats every week really does improve your performance on the water.

Another sailor who also showed potential this morning was our chairman Harry Ellis(and as you read this has now  joined the 80s club) who in a number of races was at the front of the fleet for long periods but just could not quite hold on to the end – Well done Dad!

Whilst we have been sailing Vinnie is at the IOM nationals at West Kirby representing the club and is currently lying 50th out of 80 in a very strong fleet with a day to go!

Regatta 8 - Saturday 10th September

Saturday probably saw the worse conditions that we have sailed this year.

With drizzly rain, fluky winds and islands of weed big enough to walk on, which trapped boats and made the rescue boat work overtime.

Nobody could blame the members who stayed tucked up in bed in the warmth, while a bunch of 8 keen fools tried to fathom out where the wind was and how to avoid the dreaded weed. With 6 different sailors gaining first places, it went to show how open the event was.

A big well done to Simon Purdon  on gaining 1st overall, with Vinnie 2nd and Rick 3rd.

But the Star of the show was Brian Tipple wining 3 races in his Widget although he still claims he cannot see his boat. Maybe he should have gone to Specsavers !!!!!

Regatta 9 - Saturday 17th September