Norwich Model Yacht Club

           2016 Spring Series

Regatta 1 - Saturday 9th April

7 intrepid sailors braved the rain and light fickle winds to take part in the first of the Spring series.

In order to allow all to sail it was decided not to have a Race Officer and rely on the honesty of those sailing, which worked out very well as all obeyed the rules and did their penalties when necessary, including returning to the start line when over.

The first 4 races saw 4 different sailors take first place, with the beat down to the first buoy and the start being the deciding factor. Winners before coffee being Vinnie Zammit, Tony Garner, Rick Buxton and Robert Owen.

After coffee and a few adjustment to his new V9, Vinnie came out on top winning the next 4 races and consequently the day’s event. But the racing was very close with no more than 30 metres covering the leading 3 boats in every race. Second place went to Robert with Tony just 1 point behind in 3rd and Rick 1 point behind him in 4th.

Regatta 2 - Saturday 16th April

With a westerly moderate breeze blowing down the lake with a hint of north in it the 8 sailors took to the water in top rigs ready for action, for the second regatta of the 2016 Spring Series.

Triangles were order of the day which were used all morning which worked well with 2 laps and then a beat to the finish. We decided to police ourselves rather than lose a boat for race officer duty.

So the racing began with Vinnie Zammit sailing his new V9 machine tussling it out with Terry Burton also sailing a V9. Duncan Ellis was following behind in his Britpop and a got a lucky shift on the final leg to the finish and overtook both only for Vinnie to sneak back in front to take the win followed by Duncan and Terry.

Race 2 got underway and this time it was Pete Sutton and his Britpop showing the way round with Duncan and Terry taking the minor positions.

Rick Buxton sailing his Vision got away in race 3 taking the win followed by Terry and Vinnie.

Race 4 saw Vinnie, Duncan and Terry having a tussle with Duncan crossing the line first followed by Vinnie and Terry but due to a finishing line incident all 3 dropped out of the placings with Rick taking the win followed by Pete and Robert Owen sailing his MX. Time for coffee and to warm up a little.

Race 5 saw Vinnie take another first to add to his score line this time followed by Pete and Rick. Vinnie was on fire at this stage  winning races 6 & 7 too with Duncan and Rick sharing the minor places.

The final race saw Duncan take the lead which held to the finish followed by Vinnie and Rick.

Vinnie took the overall morning win on 9 points followed by Rick and Duncan on 14 points with Rick winning the countback.

In summary it was good close racing this morning and although a mixture of designs were on the water boat speed was fairly similar throughout the fleet leading to close racing all morning with Harry Ellis and Ian Self also getting in the mix in many of the races too.

Regatta 3 - Saturday 23rd April

This morning saw 11 intrepid sailors brave the forecast of 14 Knots of wind from the north, with occasional showers. This time the forecasters got it wrong because it turned out to be a howling gale at times !!!.

Robert Owen the PRO set a 3 lap triangular course across the lake and finishing with a reach to buoys 1 and 2.

The first decision of the day was which rigs  to put on, as the wind was gusting quite a bit, so most competitors decided to opt for No 2.

Race 1 saw Terry Burton and Vinnie Zammit fighting it out up front in their V9’s, with Terry just pipping Vinnie to the finish line, next was Rick Buxton with a creditable 3rd.

Race 2 once again saw Terry and Vinnie up front, this time accompanied by Tony Garner. Tony then really put his foot down winning from Terry with Vinnie 3rd. Now the weather was deteriorating rapidly, with the wind and rain getting stronger,  it was a good time for a coffee break.

On returning the wind had dropped, giving advantage to those who had stuck to the No 1 rig, the winner was Vinnie followed by Terry and Rick Buxton with his No 2 rig 3rd.

And then it happened. The wind suddenly increased at the start of race 4 and continued to rise until the hailstones were “Horizontal”, this decimated the fleet and only 4 boats managed to finish, with all boats being knocked down at least once during the race. This caused quite a few of the fleet to call it a day. Rick took the race with his No 2 rig up, second was Vinnie with his No 1, third was Alan Bright, No 2 Rig and once again a good result for Ian in 4th. These were the only boats that finished. It was decided to have a second coffee break for all to recover.

On returning a depleted fleet found that the wind had dropped drastically, this time giving advantage to the boats with No 1 rig.

Race 5 saw Vinnie take line honours with Alan 2nd and Rick 3rd.

Unfortunately at the start of Race 6 Rick and Harry Ellis collided and ended up being locked to each other and out of the race. This left Vinnie to once again take the race, with Simon Purdon 2nd and Alan 3rd.

By now everyone (all wet through) had had enough  and it was decided to call it a day.

It was nice to see a prospective new member David Perkins join us from Bury St Edmonds, it was nice to see you and hope you will return.

Regatta 4 - Saturday 30th April

The sun was shining, the breeze was blowing from the west, 18 IOMs racing  - The biggest turnout for a while – It doesn’t get much better than this!

Paul Hyde took control of the day, not an easy task with the volume of boats on the water. The course was set as a triangle sausage course followed by a beat to the finish – It was time to go racing!

Race 1 kicked off with Keith Whiddett leading the way all the way to the finish until Duncan Ellis got a lucky shift and took the win on the line followed by Keith and Vinnie Zammit.

In the next race couple of races it was Terry Burton showing us how it should be done taking two wins with Vinnie and Duncan taking runner up spots and Peter Sutton taking 3rd spot.

One more race before the coffee break and Duncan took the win followed by Keith and David Perkins.

In discussion over coffee the course was discussed and because of the number of boats on the water it was felt 2 triangles might work better than a sausage to keep boats clear of each other sailing in different directions.

So racing got underway this time with 2 triangles and then the beat to the finish.

Pete showed the fleet the way round in race 5 followed by Terry and Keith.

Duncan took race 6 this time pursued by Tony Garner and Vinnie. The wind totally dropped to nothing at this stage which certainly wasn’t forecast but soon reappeared ready for the next race.

Race 7 saw Pete take another win followed by Vinnie and Rick Buxton.

The final race saw quite a bit if excitement with lots of place changing right until the end with Vinnie taking the win followed by Tony and Alan Bright.

In the end Duncan took the mornings racing on 14 points closely followed by Terry and Peter both on 18 points.

With 18 boats on the water there were a few incidents as would be expected with this number on the race course at the same time but it certainly was quite a sight seeing a large competitive fleet racing round the cans – I wonder if we could get 20 boats out next time?

Regatta 5 - Saturday 14th May

14 sailors arrived at the club today to a fresh (at times) Northerly breeze. As you first looked around the car park a number of top rigs were seen being setup with only our wise Chairman rigging his number 2 rig. As the gusts started to whistle through the car park everyone realised how wise he was and did the same!

Racing was run by Paul Hyde with 8 sailors taking it in turns to help Paul as the day progressed.

Two Triangles were the order of the day followed by a beat to the finish.

Race 1 got underway with Rick Buxton showing good speed with his Vision followed by Tony Garner also racing a Vision and Pete Sutton sailing a Cockatoo.

Races 2 & 3 saw Vinnie Zammit take both wins. Duncan Ellis sailing his Britpop snuck a second in race 2 after a tussle with Vinnie followed by Pete but result of the day has to go to new member Eric Curtis sailing his MX14 who took a well sailed 2nd in race 3 followed by Duncan.

It was decided to take an early coffee break so that Vinnie and a few of the sailors could help move a couple of marks to try and get a true beat as possible and not have to use a mark in the distance that a few struggled to see!

Vinnie showed the rest of the fleet the way round in race 4 again with a tussle to the end for the minor places with Duncan getting 2nd followed by Keith Whiddet sailing his V9 in 3rd.

Race 6 was time for Vinnie to give someone else a chance to win with Duncan getting a flying start and able to tack onto port and get away to take the win. Terry Burton took 2nd and Vinnie in 3rd.

The final two races saw Vinnie back on form winning both with Keith taking 2nd in race 7 followed by Terry and race 8 saw Alan Bright take 2nd followed by Rick.

Other sailors showing good performances today include Simon Purdon, Trevor Hobday and Ian Self who all got top 5 finishes at some stage during the morning.

So the day belongs to Vinnie who was Mr Consistency with his new Housemartin sails giving him 6 first places followed by Duncan and Terry.

Regatta 6 - Saturday 21st May

Saturday 21st of May saw another good entry of 12 sailors taking part in Spring series 5 at Whitlingham. To say that the light SW wind was all over the place would be an understatement, which caused plenty of positional changes on the water.

Prior to the racing getting under way, Club secretary Vinnie Zammit assembled all those present and explained to them that there had been a suggestion that the club should have a nominated Race Officer to run the racing for the day. At the present time the Top 8 seeded sailors that are there on the day, take it in turns to officiate  each race . After discussion a vote was taken by the 14 members present as to whether we should change our system or stay as we are. The vote was overwhelmingly in favour of continuing the present system used for now.

Race 1 saw the return of Mark Holt who showed that despite being away for a while he had not lost any of his boat speed, second was Terry Burton and 3rd Rick Buxton, Trevor Hobday was a well-deserved 4th.

Race 2 saw the saw the same 3 sailors in front, this time with Terry 1st, Mark 2nd and Rick 3rd.

Race 3 once again saw Mark and Rick at the top end and Allan Bright with a creditable 3rd.

Race 4 saw Vinnie start to wake up, taking the race and an excellent showing from Simon Purdon in 2nd and Terry 3rd. Coffee was then the order of the day, with hopes that the wind would increase on our return. It did not.

On our return for race 5 Mark once again showed us how to do it with Vinnie 2nd and Rick 3rd.

Race 6 saw the same three sailors at the front with Rick taking line honours, Mark 2nd and Vinnie 3rd.

Race 7 saw a battle royal between Terry and Vinnie up front, with Terry leading for most of the race, until 30 metres from the finish line when Vinnie overtook him, this lead lasted for 28mtrs when Terry once again just creeping over the line in front. 3rd was Ian Self who sailed an excellent race.

The final race saw Rick take line honours with Mark 2nd and Allan achieving another good 3rd place.

Can I congratulate all who took part in the mornings sailing. It was nice to see competitors taking care on the water and doing their best to avoid any collisions also on the way that they accepted their penalties when required.

Big thanks to Paul Hyde for once again acting as Race Officer,

Regatta 7 - Saturday 28th May


Regatta 8 - Saturday 11th June

This Saturday saw another good entry of 14 sailors arriving at the start line to take part in IOM Spring Series 8. As usual the top 8 seeded sailors took turns in acting as race officer.

With a very light SE wind, once again veering all over the place, everyone realized that it was going to be a hard fought battle to achieve line honours. Indeed it was with 5 different sailors crossing the line first over the 8 races. Vinnie Zammit (2), Pete Sutton (2), Keith Whiddet (2) and Terry Burton and Rick Buxton 1 each.

Race 1 saw Peter  take line honours, with Terry 2nd and Keith 3rd.

Race 2 saw four V9’s  at the front of the fleet, once again Pete, then Keith, Terry and Vinnie in that order.

Race 3 was won by Keith, 2nd was Vinnie and 3rd Tony Garner with his Vision.

As the wind was decreasing even more it was decided to take an early coffee break, hoping that it would increase on our return.

On our return the wind had decided to swing round to the East, so the course was changed and the fleet set off for race 4 in a slightly increased wind. Unfortunately at this stage Trevor Hobday’s steering linkage decided not to play anymore, forcing him to retire for the day. Vinnie took line honours with Mark Holt 2nd (an unusually bad day for Mark) and Tony once again 3rd.

Race 5 once again saw four V9’s at the front end of the fleet, Terry, Peter, Vinnie and Keith in that order. At this stage it was decided to shorten the course due to the wind decreasing even more.

In race 6 Rick Buxton showed that theV9’s could be beaten by taking first with his Vision, with Terry 2nd and Vinnie 3rd.

By now the wind had really dropped off and the fleet set off for race 7 in almost drifting conditions. At the end of a very trying race Keith came out on top, with Mark 2nd and Simon Purdon who continues to improve a well-deserved 3rd.

Race 8 saw the same conditions as race 7. Only this time there were only 5 boats left to race as most of the fleet had wisely decided to call it a day due to the conditions, which left us remaining fools to ponder if we had done the right thing in carrying on. After the most trying race of the day, the race was won by Vinnie with Mark 2nd and Simon another good 3rd.

Overall results were, Vinnie 1st 14 points, Peter 2nd 20 points and Keith 3rd 21 points.

Once again well done all who took part.

Regatta 9 - Saturday 18th June

Yesterday 15 members turned up to take part in Spring series 9.

Unfortunately it quickly became apparent that due to floating weed the meeting might well have to be cancelled.

After a practice race to see how conditions were, it was confirmed that there was much weed around and the official racing was cancelled.

After a close inspection of the area, it was found that there was not any growing weed reaching anywhere near the surface. The problem was due to patches of floating weed assisted by the NW wind being blown into our sailing area. In fact with today’s wind it could possibly be weed free again.

There will be an inspection of the area on Thursday and a decision will be made with regards to sailing next Saturday.

Due to weed issues only 8 of the 10 Spring Series regattas will count.